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Uganda committed to bilateral collaboration with DRC to develop the Mbarara-Kisangani Road Network

The Republic of Uganda has committed itself to prioritize the development of the Mbarara-Mpondwe-Kisangani Road section and pledged to make bilateral consultations to work with the Democratic Republic of Congo on joint project preparation efforts, feasibility study and development of the Mbarara-Kisangani Highway.

From 13th to 15th November 2018, a delegation from Northern Corridor Transit and Transport Coordination Authority (NCTTCA) Secretariat led by Mr. OMAE NYARANDI, the Executive Secretary, accompanied by Prof. Lievin CHIRHALWIRWA, Director for Infrastructure Development and Management and Mr. Fred TUMWEBAZE HUNTER, Director for Private Sector Investment Promotion, undertook  high level consultative meetings with Senior Government  officials in Uganda involving the Ministry of Works and Transports, Ministry of Finance and Planing, Ministry of Trade as well as the Uganda National Raods Authority (UNRA).  The aim of the consultations was to get updates on all the Transport Infrastruture projects and trade faciliation initiatives in Uganda, and most importantly, promote joint bilateral efforts between the Republic of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to develop the Mbarara-Mpondwe-Kisangani Road which is a key section of the Northern Corridor Road Network.

The NCTTCA working mission to Uganda was anchored on the framework of a directive by the 30th sitting of the Northern Corridor Council of Ministers held in Mombasa, Kenya, on 3rd August 2018, tasking the NCTTCA Secretariat to work closely with the Member States of the Republic of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo to jointly mobilise funds from the Development partners in order to promote cross-border transport infrastructure, especially the upgrading of the Mbarara-Kisangani Road Network.

The Northern Corridor key Road section of Mbarara-Bushenyi-Kikorongo-Mpondwe-Kasindi-Beni-Komanda-Kisangani (940Km) is part of the 6,000 kilometres Trans-African Highway from Lagos, in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, to Mombasa in the Republic of Kenya. The Road Network is of prime importance for promotion of intra-regional and trans-African trade.

In Uganda, the Northern Corridor Road Section Mbarara-Bushenyi-Kikorongo-Mpondwe with a spur to Kasese is approximately 180km long, while the Mpondwe-Kisangani section is 760 Km . While the section of the corridor is a Class II Paved road in part of Uganda, where the most part of the road is in a fairly condition with the exception of the Bushenyi-Katunguru section which is in poor condition and in need of reconstruction, most of the DRC part is in poor condition. This increases the cost of doing business on the Corridor due to this poor infrastructure.


NCTTCA Delegation led by Mr. OMAE NYARANDI, Executive Secretary, in working discussions with Hon. Monica AZUBA NTEGE, Minister of Works and Transport, Republic of Uganda.

Hon. Monica AZUBA NTEGE, Minster of Works and Transport, who was also with senior officials in the Ministry including the Director of Transport, Director of Engineering, Commissioner Transport regulation among others, highlighted tremendous infrastructure development projects and initiatives on the Northern Corridor aimed at facilitating regional trade, notably the newly commissioned Jinja Nile suspended Bridge, the proposed 100km Jinja-Kampala Express highway, the dual carriage Expension of the Kampala Northern bypass and the completion of the Kampala-Entebe Express high way.


The newly commissioned 525-metre long Source of the Nile Bridge in Jinja, Uganda/Photo PPU

Hon. AZUBA NTEGE recalled also the ongoing Projects including the OSBP infrastructure at Malaba Border, the proposed development and maintenance of Mpondwe bridge and Mbarara-Mpondwe Road.

The Minister of Works and Transport reiterated the Governement of Uganda’s commitment to fast track the development of the Roadside Stations (RSS) on Major highways in response to the Policy passed by the Northern Corridor Council of Ministers.

MR. OMAE NYARANDI, the NCTTCA Executive Secretary, briefed Honourable the Minister on the need to have joint bilateral efforts and collaboration between two Northern Corridor member countries of Uganda and RDC towards development of Mbarara-Mpondwe-Kisangani Road.

“This is a key Transport Infrastructure on the Northern Corridor Road Network that will promote trade and regional integration”, said OMAE NYARANDI. He added: “At present, trade worth US$400 Million uses this Road section of the Corridor. With the development of this transport infrastructure, trade will more than tripple.”

As a way forward regarding the collaborative efforts towards the development of the Mbarara-Kisangani Road Network, very important pledges and commitments were made by different ministries and institutions visited in Uganda:

The Ministry of Works and Transport, Republic of Uganda, commited itself to prioritise the development of the Mbarara-Mpondwe-Kisangani Road section and pledged to make bilateral consultations to work with DRC on joint project preparation efforts, feasibility study and development of the Mbarara-Kisangani Highway.


NCTTCA Delegation meet with Hon. Matia KASAIJA, Minister of  Finance, Planning and Economic Development, Republic of Uganda.

As for the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development, the Minster, Hon. Matia KASAIJA, reiterated  that there is already a high level  political will to develop the section of the Corridor in a bid to tap the economic potential from the region as well as promote regional integration and intra regional trade. The Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development pledged to jointly work with other Stakeholders  and its counterpart in DRC in prioritisation and joint  mobilising financing for this important Transport Infrastructure.


NCTTCA Delegation with Hon. Michael WERIKHE KAFABUSA, State Minister of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives, Republic of Uganda.

Hon. Michael WERIKHE KAFABUSA, State Minister of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives,  empahsised the importance of regional integration and promoting intraregional trade within the Region. He reiterated that opening and developing the Uganda-DRC regional Infratsurcture projects is the most positive development which will unlock the regional potential for trade, it will also promote women and youth cross border trade and promote peace and security in the region. The Ministry of Trade pledged to work with Noprthern Corridor and other key Stakeholders to support promotion of the project.

During consultations with the Uganda National Road Authority on its part indicated that there are already plans underway to design the project and pledged to work with its counterparts in DRC, EAC and other regional initiatives to construct the Mbarara-Mpondwe-Kisangani Highway.

The Republic  of Uganda then tasked the Northern Corridor Secretariat to fast track the  project and mobilise key Stakeholders in both DRC and Uganda as well as Development Partners to jointly plan for this key Transport Infrastructure Project.

It was agreed that a formal bilateral Meeting, first of its kind, between DRC and Uganda’s Top Senior Government officials, at Ministerial level with selected Development Partners, be organized  in the first Quarter of 2019.

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