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The Northern Corridor Transit Agreement

In order to overcome transit transport constraints affecting them, the governments of Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda decided to negotiate a treaty, the Northern Corridor Transit Agreement, with a view to promoting an efficient, cost-effective and reliable transit transport system. The NCTA, signed in 1985, came into force in 1986 after the necessary ratification.

The Democratic Republic of Congo became the fifth member after acceding to the Agreement in 1987.

The objectives of the NCTA are to:

  • Ensure freedom of transit among the member states
  • Safeguard right to access to/from the sea for landlocked countries
  • Develop and integrate the regional transport facilities and services
  • Facilitate inter-state and transit trade

The Northern Corridor is probably the only one in the east, central and southern African region with a multilateral treaty governing transit transport operations between a group of countries over access to and from the sea.

View the Northern Corridor Transit Agreement (PDF Format, 481kb)