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Vision and Mission

The Northern Corridor Transit and Transport Co-ordination Authority (NCTTCA) was established under the legal framework of NCTA to co-ordinate implementation of the Agreement and to carry out decisions and resolutions reached by policy organs of the Authority.

The Agreement mandates NCTTCA to promote co-operative transport policies and foster an efficient and cost-effective transit transport system within the Corridor.


NCTTCA's vision is to be a Smart, Sustainable, Economic and most Competitive Trade and Transport Corridor in Africa.


NCTTCA's mission is to transform the Northern Corridor into an economic and sustainable development Corridor that offers internationally competitive Trade and Transport services and promotes regional integration.

NCTTCA's major target objectives are to:

  • Promote use of the Northern Corridor as the most effective transport network for surface transport of goods between the member countries and the sea.
  • Ensure that member states (a) grant each other the right of transit in order to facilitate movement of goods through their respective territories and (b) provide all possible facilities for traffic in transit between their territories.
  • Take necessary measures to:
  • Expedite movement of traffic and avoid unnecessary delays in the movement of goods in transit.
  • Minimize incidence of custom fraud and avoidance.
  • Simplify and harmonise documentation and procedures relevant to the movement of goods in transit.
  • Improve transport infrastructure and facilities.
  • Adopt ICT technologies to enhance exchange of information and to monitor movement of cargo along the corridor.