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Public Private Stakeholders Committee

Article 8 (d) of the Northern Corridor Transit and Transport Agreement provides for a Public Private Partnership Committee (PPPC) composed of public and private sector stakeholders dealing with matters of trade and transport along the Northern Corridor. The PPPC was started by the Commissioner General Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) as the Northern Corridor Stakeholders Consultative Forum to resolve the challenges being faced by Stakeholders at the Port of Mombasa and along the Kenya Northern Corridor transit section. The Commissioner General KRA since then bore the responsibility of chairing Forum.

The functions of the Public Private Stakeholders Committee include identifying challenges being faced by stakeholders in their areas of operations along the Northern Corridor and proposing solutions to these challenges. The NCTTCA Secretariat on its part consolidates the views of the Committee for onward submission to the NCTTCA Executive Committee for review and consideration by the Council of Ministers.

The first meeting of the Northern Corridor Public and Private Stakeholders Committee was held on 8 March 2017 in Nairobi, Kenya and ended with the election of the Democratic Republic of Congo as Chairman of the Committee, South Sudan as the Vice-Chair and the NCTTCA Permanent Secretariat as the Secretary of the Committee.