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Private Sector Investment Promotion

The main objectives of this program are to Provide an enabling policy and legal framework for the promotion of public, private partnerships in major infrastructure projects, adopt marketing strategies to enhance private sector participation in investments along the Northern Corridor, and enable the private sector to participate in policy making and implementation and mitigate effects of social economic Dimensions in Regional Cross-border.

The above objectives contribute immensely to the realisation of the following two strategic Objectives envisioned in the Northern Corridor 2017 -2021 Strategy;

  1. SO1: Sustainable development Corridor with seamless trade flows and vibrant Private Sector participation
  2. SO2: Expansion and modernization of Transport Infrastructure and services. 

The NCTTCA has embarked on a program of turning the Northern Corridor into an Economic Development Corridor (EDC), through Spatial Development Initiative (SDI). This initiative looks at promoting the interdependencies and linkages between transport infrastructure development with other key sectors such as Intra-regional Trade, energy, tourism, mining, agro processing and others.

Private Sector Promotion initiatives under the SDI approach will essentially focus the development effort on high potential areas, through;

  • Identifying and configuring both private and infrastructure investments and 
  • Attracting the required investments to start the development process. 

The SDI strategies will further focus on high potential areas, by following a demand-led approach to infrastructure requirements, by making a deliberate effort to link the region’s natural resources to key infrastructure elements (typically energy and transport) to beneficiate the region’s natural resources.