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Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation

The program of Monitoring, Evaluation and Capacity Building acts a key link to all the other programs. It facilitates joint planning and monitoring of activities, identification of crosscutting themes and capacity building needs.

This program is primarily aligned to the realization of two strategic objectives in the 2017–2021 Northern Corridor Strategy, that is;

  1.  SO4    Robust Performance Monitoring, evaluation and Institutional Capacity Building

 In line with the set above strategic objectives, planned outputs of this program during implementation of the 5-year strategic plan are;

  •  Development of monitoring and evaluation plan for the secretariat’s internal functions and external factors (i.e. performance of other corridors & stakeholders) and Establish a mechanism for periodic strategic review
  • Improve the system for monitoring the performance of all aspects of the corridor 
  • Constantly Monitor and measure Progress towards achievement of TTCA-NC mandate and mission
  • Establish and Integrated performance monitoring into all the secretariat’s  programs
  • Establishment of Quality assurance systems and benchmarks
  • Integrated and monitor Cross cutting issues across all programs
  • Identification of Capacity building needs and building capacities
  • Indentify and deploy relevant ICT needs and solution respectively.