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Rail-Lake Transport

rail-lake.jpgAlthough not fully exploited, lake transport plays an important role in the movement of transit cargo. The ferry links on Lake Victoria between Port Bell/Jinja and Kisumu (Kenya) and Mwanza (Tanzania) form an integral part of the rail network in the Northern Corridor.

The only rail-lake route on the Corridor is the Mombasa - Kisumu - Kampala route (1242 km). This branch route leaves the main railway line at Nakuru and extends to Kisumu on Lake Victoria. The Kenya and Uganda railways authorities have four wagons operating between Kisumu, Jinja and Port Bell (near Kampala).

There is adequate capacity, among the wagon ferries now operating on Lake Victoria, to carry more cargo than what is handled at the moment. Transit times on this alternative route to the all railway route to Uganda average 18-20 days.

Also, Rwanda and Burundi are anxious to utilise a ferry link between Kisumu and Kemondo Bay, on the south-western side of the lake. This would require improving docking facilities at Kemondo Bay and rehabilitation of road links between Rwanda and Burundi.