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Inland Container Depots

inland-container-depots.jpg Inland Container Depots within the Northern Corridor enhance the Port of Mombasa throughput capacity, the clearance of cargo and container handling.

In Kenya, the ICDs are managed by the Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) and linked with the Port of Mombasa by regular container rail services. The depots are located at Nairobi, Kisumu and Eldoret, and have transit sheds and stacking grounds equipped with various types of cargo handling equipment like forklifts trucks, frontloaders, tractors, trailers, reachstackers and crane.

The ICDs were established to realize maximum benefits of containerization of cargo, which is the current trend, and to avoid over-investment in port facilities and storage capacity. The ICDs serve as "Dry Ports" linked directly to Mombasa Container Terminal by a special regular "Railtainer" service.

The Nairobi ICD is located within a fenced area of 18.7 ha at Embakasi and has a capacity of 180 000 TEU per annum. Due to its geographic position, the Nairobi ICD is best positioned to serve local traffic. It does, however, serves as a transit point for traffic to Kisumu ICD.

The Kisumu ICD is designed for a capacity of 15,000 TEU per annum and has recently recorded a spectacular increase in its traffic of more than 150 per cent. Plans are underway to transform the Kisumu ICD into a dry port, thereby becoming a transshipment point between the Port of Mombasa and other remote countries of the Northern Corridor.

The Eldoret ICD was put up in 1994 to primarily target the land-locked countries of Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi. However, this dry port facility is not currently in use.

There is also a project for establishing a dry port in Kampala.

Rwanda is improving operations at its container deport in Gikondo with assistance from the Kenya Ports Authority. The container depot is managed by Magasins Generaux du Rwanda (Magerwa), a Rwandan company.