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ICT Solutions

ship01.jpgWith increasing globalisation hastened by advancements in business technologies, it is imperative that the major service providers embrace information technologies solutions in order to enhance transit transport.

The Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) has implemented an Enterprise Resource Planning System that effectively addresses human resource management, financial planning, material management, plant maintenance, sales and distribution, as well as projects management. KPA is also collaborating with the Kenya Revenue Authority to establish a community-based computerised system to link the port community to facilitate exchange of information and online clearance of cargo documentation.

In addition to KPA and KRA, a number of operators have their own systems. The TTCA, in collaboration with PMAESA and with financial support from ECA, has embarked on a study whose main objective is to establish the feasibility of interfacing information systems of various stakeholders to create a regional cargo tracking system.

A modern tracking system for transit goods will enable easier and faster bond cancellation for transit cargo, since it will be possible to confirm exportation on the computer system.