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TMEA commits $1.05m for strengthening and enhancing the Northern Corridor Transport Observatory
18 Apr 2018
On 17 April 2018, in Nairobi, TradeMark East Africa (TMEA) and the Northern Corridor Transit and Transport Coordination Authority (NCTTCA) signed a 3 year period (2018-2021) grant extension agreement worth US$ 1.05 million for Strengthening and Enhancing the Northern Corridor Transport Observatory.  TMEA has been supporting the Transport Observatory project since 2012.   Ahmed Farah, TMEA Country Director for Kenya and Fred Tumwebaze Hunter, the NCTTCA Ag. Executive Secretary, after ...Read More
Northern Corridor: Transport Logistics efficiency through Transport of Cargo by SGR Train
29 Mar 2018
In the ongoing push to create more logistics efficiency and cost effectiveness, the Northern corridor will see more cargo transported by SGR Cargo train. All Stakeholders, including Shipping lines and the Government of the Republic of Kenya agreed to carry out an intensive campaign awareness on the benefits and incentives for Northern Corridor freighters to use a new model, where cargo terminates at the Nairobi Inland Container Depot (ICD) as opposed to the Port of Mombasa. Nairobi ultra-mode...Read More
High Transport Rates and Costs are still the silent killers of Trade along the Northern Corridor
27 Mar 2018
Sub-saharan Africa and the Northern Corridor region in particular, has seen massive trade liberalisation in the last three decades. But the success of translating reduced tariffs into increased international trade has been limited and geographically unbalanced. One of the main reasons for this is the high cost of moving goods within countries. A study by the Wold Bank, 2007, revealed that “the costs of moving goods within countries are generally higher in developing countries than in the ...Read More