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25 May 2017
Stakeholders from the Northern Corridor Member States of Burundi, DR Congo, Kenya and Uganda who attended the 2017 annual joint Technical Committee meetings on Infrastructure Development and Management and Private Sector Investment Promotion commended the Northern Corridor Member States’ firm commitment to accord the Private Sector more role and full involvement in the infrastructure development, trade and logistics chain with the aim of fast-tracking sustainable and economic development i...Read More
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4 May 2017
Article 8 (d) of the Northern Corridor Transit and Transport Agreement provides for a Public Private Partnership Committee (PPPC) composed of public and private sector stakeholders dealing with matters of trade and transport along the Northern Corridor. The PPPC was started by the Commissioner General Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) as the Northern Corridor Stakeholders Consultative Forum to resolve the challenges being faced by Stakeholders at the Port of Mombasa and along the Kenya Northern Corr...Read More
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5 Apr 2017
The Economic Community of the Great Lakes Countries (CEPGL) and the Northern Corridor Transit and Transport Coordination Authority (NCTTCA) signed an MOU to collaborate in programs aimed at promoting regional trade and integration within the region. This cooperation between CEPGL-NCTTCA will see a joint planning and coordination of trade, business promotion as well as cross border Transport Infrastructure Projects and Trade between the countries of Rwanda, Burundi and DRC which are members of b...Read More