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The Northern Corridor traverses the economic spheres of a number of regional economic communities, notably the EAC, COMESA, IGAD and CEPGL. All these RECs undertake programmes that impact on the Northern Corridor  hence need for a collaborative approach and partnership in trade facilitation particularly harmonisation of the documentation and procedures. Besides the RECs there are other intergovernmental organizations with similar mandates with which NCTTCA has to partner in order to achieve certain outcomes, such as PMAESA, ICGLR, IBN.

NCTTCA continues to work with diverse development partners/Donors, such as the AfDB, TMEA, EU, UNECA, USAID/COMPETE, World Bank/SSATP, and World Customs Organization, to mention a few. Most of these organizations continue to support infrastructure development and other projects along the corridor as well as provision of technical Assistance support to the Secretariat.

In this regard, NCTTCA has built smart partnerships with EAC and COMESA for implementation of trade and transport facilitation instruments agreed under the tripartite arrangement; One-Stop Border Posts, Integrated Border Management systems, Electronic Single Window System; and a regional Overload Control System.

The Northern Corridor is also particularly collaborating with Trade Mark East Africa (TMEA) in the establishment of a Corridor performance monitoring system code named the “Transport Observatory”. This is a web based tool aimed at monitoring and measure key corridor performance indicators and provide accurate information on delays, transport cost, volume & capacity and infrastructure quality that is an evidence-based framework for policy decisions’ making. Details of the transport observatory are available on our web portal: