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Who We Are

The Northern Corridor is a multimodal trade route linking the landlocked countries of the Great Lakes Region with the Kenyan maritime sea port of Mombasa.

The Northern Corridor Transit and Transport Agreement (NCTTA) signed in 1985 and revised in 2007 for regional cooperation with a view of facilitating interstate and transit trade between the Member States of Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda. South Sudan acceded to the Agreement in 2012.

The NCTTA is a comprehensive agreement with defined 11 Protocols on strategic areas for regional cooperation relating to: Maritime Port Facilities, Routes and Facilities, Customs Controls and Operations, Documentation and Procedures, Transport of Goods by Rail, Transport of Goods by Road, Inland Waterways Transport of Goods, Transport by Pipeline, Multimodal Transport of Goods, Handling of Dangerous Goods and Measures of Facilitation for Transit Agencies, Traders and Employees.

The Northern Corridor Transit and Transport Coordination Authority (NCTTCA) was established to oversee the implementation of the Agreement. The NCTTCA Secretariat is mandated to facilitate trade and movement of people, stimulate economic and social development, transform the Northern Corridor into a development corridor by stimulating investments, implement strategies for accelerating economic and social growth while ensuring environmental sustainability.


To be a Smart, Sustainable, Economic, and most competitive trade and Transport Corridor in Africa.


To transform the Northern Corridor into an economic and sustainable development Corridor that offers internationally competitive trade and transport services and promotes regional integration


Collaboration and Cooperation



Mutual Respect and Trust


Northern Corridor Multimodal Transport Infrastructure Map